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Helping introverts, and their organizations, win in the workplace

Being Introverted at Work

Careers for Introverts

Leading and Managing Introverts 

You shouldn't have to act like someone else to succeed at work.

Stop listening to extroverted advice and network like an introvert.

No one should feel forgotten because they aren't the loudest in the room.

You don’t have to brag or self promote to move your career forward.

"Dave hit a home run with his presentation at the Job Search Boot Camp to over 200 attendees. Many people commented on the idea presented; being comfortable job-seeking as an introvert and how to use it to their advantage. Focusing on your strengths is a great message to hear."

Lynn Berry, Owner

Futures By Design

"You provided amazing value in your presentation - it was customized for our audience, well-prepared and thought-out, and humorous!  Well done Dave!"

Tina Varughese, President Calgary Chapter

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

"Everyone in the room got something unique out of the presentation and of course there were a couple of good chuckles in there too! I highly recommend Dave both for coaching and presentations to groups and look forward to future opportunities to introduce Dave to audiences."

Pam McCarthy, Event Planner

Meeting Professionals International

Keynote Speaking

Helping your members or attendees understand their unique personality and strengths to thrive in their career. Showing your organization’s leaders the potential in your quiet workforce.

Workshops & Training

Moving from surviving in an extroverted workplace, to thriving at work through your unique introvert strengths. Showing your organization’s leaders how to unlock the quiet potential of your workforce. 


A personalized plan to recognize your (or your employee’s) unique strengths and leverage them into an advantage. Professional branding and marketing, networking and sales skills, social media, leadership and employee engagement.

The Introverted Networker Blog

Am I An Introvert?

Do you know if you are an introvert or extrovert? Try the introvert or extrovert test.

We live in a world full of extrovert-focused advice, which means you could be working against your introvert nature and strengths. Click the image to start.

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