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Introvert Strengths for Sales and Networking


Introverts are natural relationship bulders. They build fewer but deeper relationships.


Introverts listen more than they talk — you can’t help if you don’t know what people need.


Introvert’s natural focus is an advantage when researching in depth to find the "right people."

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Ask any successful person and they will tell you that they didn’t make it alone.

It takes a network to succeed.

What People Are Saying

Tina Varughese, President

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Calgary)

"You provided amazing value in your presentation - it was customized for our audience, well-prepared and thought-out, and humorous! Dave provided many practical key-takeaways for LinkedIn users. Well - done Dave!"

Yvonne Basten, Executive Managing Director

eWomen Network

"I had the privilege to have Dave Byrnes speak at our eWomen Network meeting. The ladies LOVED Dave’s content rich talk. He demystified LinkedIn in a very easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend working with Dave!"

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