The Introverted Networker

My mission is to empower introverts to network successfully by using their strengths, instead of putting on extroverted behaviours. The question of how to network as an introvert holds too many professionals back in sales or their career.

Why I Help Introverts Network 

I sucked at networking and it cost me. In my original corporate career, I rejected networking and decided it is what you know, not who you know. It didn’t work. I only got access to a fraction of the opportunities available.

It happened again when I changed countries and industries.

I got frustrated enough to learn how to network. I tried to act extroverted and it was exhausting and scary. Finally, I decided to learn how to network as an introvert. 

They say intelligence is learning from your mistakes but wisdom is learning from other people’s mistakes.

I want to help introverts learn from my mistakes and shorten their learning curve to find sales or job opportunities.

Technology has changed the balance. You no longer have to compete with extroverts at their game. It’s the best time ever to be an introvert and we don’t have to miss out on opportunities any longer!

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