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How to Contact LinkedIn Customer Support

Contacting LinkedIn for customer service can be difficult to do. The phone numbers, email, and other contact details change often and are hard to find.

The LinkedIn customer support phone number is 650-687-3600 (but goes to the main office) the help email is a closely guarded secret and the LinkedIn Twitter handle is @LinkedInHelp. LinkedIn has limited help pages and no instant chat – both will refer you to the LinkedIn Help Forum.

This annoying lack of help is quite common for many large companies. This article will list out the different LinkedIn support contact options and guide you on which ones work best, and which ones are a waste of time.

Author’s Note: While I will update this article these LinkedIn customer services phone numbers and addresses, they are constantly changing. By the time you read this at least one in the article will be wrong, read below for the best ways to get LinkedIn customer support.

LinkedIn Customer Services Phone Number and Contact Options

Why is it so Difficult to Get Customer Service from LinkedIn?

With many large platforms with millions of users, providing customer support can be a large cost of time and money. Many companies seem to be happy with directing you back to community forums where other users try to provide the answers (for free).

It is true that many customer service questions are basic in nature and can be found under help Q&A’s. People often just don’t look and contact support instead.

This may be the reason LinkedIn has decided to risk customer dissatisfaction by making most of the customer help links loop back to forums and Q&As.

This is really frustrating when you have a legitimate problem like having your account suspended! I had a colleague with this issue which stretched on for six months before I pointed him towards Twitter (more below) where he got an immediate response.

The fact is that most of the 600M users on LinkedIn use it for free and things are not going to change soon.

Let’s look at what actually works…

How Do I Contact LinkedIn Customer Service?

  1. Twitter: This is by far the best way to contact LinkedIn support and actually interact with a human. LinkedIn Twitter: @LinkedInHelp
  2. Phone: This is hit and miss and changes regularly. Currently, it is listed as 650-687-3600
  3. LinkedIn Help Forum: While you won’t get to talk to a human that works for LinkedIn there are many earnest users who will try to help on it.
  4. Email: There is a form on an unrelated website Get Human which helps people find customer service contact details. Not recommended.
  5. LinkedIn Live Chat: Any links will give you the run around back to forums or the main page. Occasionally the link has appeared in the footer of the LinkedIn Homepage

I will continue to update this article as the LinkedIn customer service contacts are a moving target. For now, my advice is to start with its Twitter support for the fastest and most human response.

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