Sales for Introverts

Being an introvert in sales used to be a disadvantage. Changing technology and customer behaviour means there has never been a better time to be an introvert and in sales.

The Introvert Sales Opportunity

Sales has changed

The internet has changed sales. In the past, the customer had to enter a sales process to get information. Now, the customer doesn’t need a salesperson to be informed.

Cold calling is failing

In the old model of sales, the willingness to cold call and door knock was an advantage. Today, it takes eight attempts to reach a prospect, compared to three, just a decade ago.

Customer overwhelm

Everyday, we are bombarded with 1000s of sales and marketing messages. People don’t need more information, they need help sorting through it. Become their trusted guide.

Sales overwhelm

Feel the pressure to be on the latest social platform or marketing trend? Keep it simple: Go where your audience is. If you’re in business-to-business sales — your audience is on LinkedIn.

People, not targets

Introverts tend to build deeper relationships. People buy from those that they know, like and trust. Who do you need to know?

Introvert opportunity

With technology like LinkedIn, you can reach more people and a better quality of prospects than the most frenzied, cold-calling extrovert. Use your limited resources of time and energy developing trusted relationships with your ideal client.

1. Find

Find and define your audience on LinkedIn.  Many people start without an audience in mind. Find the decision makers in your market.

2. Brand

Brand yourself as the solution to their problems. LinkedIn is not an online resume. Treat it like the marketing opportunity it is.

3. Engage

Engage with people y offering value first. Build real relationships instead of beating people over the head with a sales pitch.

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Am I An Introvert?

Do you know if you are an introvert or extrovert? Have you tried the introvert or extrovert test?

Knowing this can have a large impact on how effective you are in your business or career and your happiness in your personal life. We live in a world full of extrovert focused advice which means you could be working against your introverted nature and introvert strengths. Click the image.

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