The Introverted Salesperson - Sales for Introverts

Cold calling and endless networking events not your thing? Learn how to leverage LinkedIn’s 500M+ audience to reach the decision makers in your industry and network in a style that suits your introverted personality.

This Course Will Help You

Build a detailed customer avatar to understand your audience better and make all your efforts count.

Write a search-optimized and customer-focused LinkedIn profile that that gets found and moves people to action.

Find your target audience with LinkedIn’s advanced search and build a lead generation system that delivers business.

Increase the quality of contacts and your success rate in connecting to decision makers who can say yes. 

LinkedIn is the best social network for generating B2B leads. Over 80% of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn, compared with 12.73% on Twitter, and 6.73% on Facebook*.

From the Course

The Curriculum


Understanding the LinkedIn basics, your privacy, and putting a plan in place.

Who is your target audience?

Until you know exactly who your audience is you can’t be effective.

What are their problems?

Every sales opportunity is a series of problems the customer needs solved.

Why are you the solution?

Move your positioning from features to the solutions your audience needs.

Where are they on online?

Learn where they are active and increase your odds of connecting.

When do we meet?

Connect and move the relationship forward into a 1-to-1 conversation.

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