Introvert Keynote Speaker – Dave Byrnes

As an introvert keynote speaker, Dave helps organizations increase employee engagement and retention, and empowers introverts to improve their productivity and job satisfaction.

Dave combines engaging stories, actionable tactics and good clean fun to show how understanding the introvert v extrovert divide impacts the bottom line of organizations and the careers of your audience.

He goes beyond the surface topic of simply understanding introversion (yourself or your employees) and empowers organizations and individuals to embrace and maximize their introvert strengths.

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Making Your Event a Success

As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), Dave strives to provide meeting planners with a stress-free, value-packed working relationship. Dave will work with you to understand your audience’s needs and personalize a keynote or seminar that delivers on your organization’s goals for the event.

Motivational Plus

Motivational keynote speakers can inspire audiences in the moment but does your organization need to see real return on investment (ROI)? Dave will mix inspiration with actionable tactics to help your audience take the first step. 


No boring lectures or dry research here. Dave mixes his presentations with stories, visuals, real-life examples and humour to keep your audience engaged and serve its different learning styles.

Customized Keynotes

The most powerful message is worthless if your audience doesn’t connect with it. Dave will work with you before the event to get a deep understanding of your audience and tailor a keynote that delivers maximum impact.

"The message was crafted in such a way that everyone in the room got something unique out of the presentation. And of course - there were a couple of good chuckles in there too! I highly recommend Dave and look forward to opportunities to introduce him to future audiences."

Pam McCarthy - Meeting Professionals International

Choose the Messages for Your Unique Audience

For Leaders & Organizations :

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Retention
  • Leadership
  • Sales Development
  • Marketing and Branding

For Individuals :

  • Career Development
  • Productivity
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Sales Techniques
  • Networking
  • Job Search

Value Adds for Your Speaking Event

Speaking Options

        Shorter Keynotes + Deep Dives, Blended Keynote/Seminar, Blended Keynote/Workshop.

        Learning Resources

              Handouts, Videos, Articles, Workbooks, Infographics.

              Blended Learning

                    Workshops, Online Courses, Learning Communities, Webinars.

                    Introvert Keynote Speaking and Seminar Topics

                    Convert Your Introverts: Leading Quiet Employees to Greater Engagement and Productivity

                    What would it mean to your organization if you could make a third of your workforce more productive and engaged in their roles? Introverts make up a huge part of the workforce, yet they remain misunderstood and forced to work in ineffective, extroverted ways.

                    The World has learned much about introverts in the past decade but as a leader, are you taking advantage of it? Discover how organizations hold their quiet employees back and miss out on the many benefits that introverts offer.

                    As a leader, learn how to unleash your introvert employees’ full potential at work, remove barriers, and develop happier workers.

                    Attendees will discover how to:

                    • Recognize the unique strengths and characteristics of your introverts to increase individual and organizational productivity
                    • Reduce turnover by understanding your quiet employees better to produce loyal employees who stay longer (this can include the right seat)
                    • Help introverts develop and sell their ideas more effectively in the workplace by reducing the extrovert bias during collaboration

                    The Introverted Professional: Quietly Selling Your Ideas and Career

                    Does being an introvert (or ambivert) mean your career should suffer? Introverts are just as talented as extroverts but often struggle to network for career advancement or to gain recognition internally. The answer isn’t competing with extroverts at their own game – learn how to level the playing field and move your career forward by being who you are.

                    Attendees will discover:

                    • How to build a life-long network of hiring managers and career influencers without trying to become extroverted

                    • Professional branding that makes you a sought-after commodity without boasting or pitching

                    • How introverts can sell their ideas in the workplace to increase their career capital and job satisfaction

                    Sales for Introverts: Quiet Selling for People Who Hate Sales

                    If you are an introvert following sales practices aimed at extroverts, it’s no wonder selling is tough. Imagine how much more productive and energized you could be by following sales practices that work with your strengths and personality. The myth of the cold-calling, fast-talking salesperson is outdated and outsold in today’s sales and marketing world.

                    Attendees will discover:

                    • How the evolution of sales has levelled the playing field for introverts and how to take advantage of it

                    • The innate strengths introverts possess that will help you increase sales and enjoy (tolerate) selling

                    • The quiet sales and marketing techniques that are working in the real world

                    LinkedIn for Business: Social Selling with 40M Decision Makers

                    Everyone in business-to-business agrees that LinkedIn and its 600M+ audience of professionals is a huge opportunity. Few businesses are actually converting that potential. LinkedIn boasts 40 million users in decision-making positions, learn how to find, reach and build relationships with them.

                    Attendees will discover:

                    • Why LinkedIn is a roadmap to the decision maker in each organization you want as a customer

                    • How your resume-style LinkedIn profile is costing you business and how to do it right

                    • Why organic content reach on LinkedIn is growing (while shrinking on other platforms) and how to take advantage of it

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